Train Ride Fundraisers

Introducing Ohio Station's new fundraising event! When you register your group for a fundraiser at Ohio Station, we will donate $1 from each train ticket sold during your event!



Train Pull Fundraisers

For those groups looking for a more interactive experience, schedule a Train Pull! This exciting opportunity is perfect for all ages and organizations. Raise funds for

                                                           ● Sports teams and pay to participate

                                                           ● Marching bands, choirs, NHS, etc.

                                                           ● Community events and festivals

                                                           ● Charities and public awareness

                                                           ● So much more!

The rules are simple and comparable to those of a tractor pull. Competing teams are given 30 seconds to see how far they can pull one of our custom-made vintage trains. The maximum distance the teams may reach is 50 feet. At that point, participants are asked to stop pulling and the train is set back at the start. In the case of two teams reaching “full pull,” teams compete to see how far they can pull the train in half the time. 

The winning team receives 10% of train ticket proceeds from the duration of the event. Teams are encouraged to have friends and family come cheer them on and ride the train to boost sales and, in turn, raise the amount to be donated by Ohio Station Outlets. Sponsorships are also a great fundraising opportunity to go along with the train pull. Upon registration, each team member receives a sponsor form. Sponsors pledge an amount per foot the train is pulled. After the pull, the team members are responsible for contacting their sponsors to let them know how far they pulled the train and therefor how much they are obligated to donate.

On Sunday, August 23, 2015 The Ohio Academy of Martial Arts became our first ever train pull participants. Children, their parents, and even the academy’s mascots the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all gave their best in pulling the train.

Registration is free and open to the public. Contact Barb Potts at [email protected] for more information and registration details.

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